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Bus Life: Water Leak, & Another, & Another…

  After getting to our workamping gig a little over a week ago, we found lots of leaks through our water system….Bus life is not Always Glamorous!! LOL

19: Skoolie Flooring Build

After the insulation job was done, we moved onto laying the plywood down! More construction and building up! Again to save on head room we went with 3/4″ plywood..or possibly a little thinner than that. We used wood screws, finally, to screw the pieces… Continue Reading “19: Skoolie Flooring Build”

15: School Bus Wiring- Back Up Camera and Light Bars

After cleaning the wires up, next step was adding the wires to anything that we wanted to run directly to the bus battery. Why was this our next step? Because we chose to use spray foam insulation and once you spray that in, your… Continue Reading “15: School Bus Wiring- Back Up Camera and Light Bars”


I have decided this never ending seal job of leaks will end this day! We went into the bus on a hard rain day and used chalk to mark all the spots that were leaking. We attempted to spray the bus with the hose… Continue Reading “School Bus FINAL SEAL JOB FOR REAL THIS TIME”

11-13 Re-Do: Sealing School Bus Leaks Again

With all of the rain Central Texas has been getting, it really has allowed us to get some realistic ideas on if we did a good job with our caulking & foam. Leaks, Leaks, Everywhere!! Ok, they are not as bad as they once… Continue Reading “11-13 Re-Do: Sealing School Bus Leaks Again”

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