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I share my tips and more on how I make money from home, on my schedule, and in a tiny house…sometimes traveling! Check it out!


Thank you to the ladies who got this list together. I have the links to where I found all of these answers below. I used these to pass both of my TESOL Certs one time with VIPKid. Some people updated the questions and answers… Continue Reading “Pass the VIPKID TESOL”

My introduction Video for VIPKID

Check out my introduction video I have for my bio with VIPKid. Need help on yours? Maybe mine will give you some ideas! I have used this video since Day 1 and I made $2k my first month with the company! I think it… Continue Reading “My introduction Video for VIPKID”

My First mock class with vipkid

I am putting it all out there you guys! I actually share my VERY FIRST MOCK class! This mock class is 5 minutes long. I had some initial questions that I had to answer (All on the basic info you fill out before scheduling… Continue Reading “My First mock class with vipkid”

Top 10 Tips on how i got hired in 5 days with vipkid

Making money from home is something that I have been looking for forever! We have plenty of side hustles that we created from our own blood, sweat, and tears…..but in an effort it fund future investments and properties, I decided to get a job… Continue Reading “Top 10 Tips on how i got hired in 5 days with vipkid”

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