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These are our favorite recipes here at the Crab Homestead! Some are made from all of our home grown ingredients from veggies to meat. Others are just some we really like and will just have to suck it up and go to the store for. One day it will all be from our own hard work!

Home Made Pumpkin Empanadas in a Tiny Kitchen

Fall is here y’all 🍊 and we have been busy managing a pumpkin patch for Halloween (really cool workamping gig!) And we had a BUNCH of leftover sugar pumpkins! We gave away a lot of the big and small ones to local farmers (pigs,…


Easy Pumpkin Puree in my Tiny Kitchen

Here is a quick way to get the most out of your pumpkins from Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. It is best to use sugar pumpkins (the smaller ones but with thick stems) or white pumpkins give a different yummy flavor🍊 1.Preheat Oven to 400°…

Best Homemade Mediterranean Pizza Dough & Sauce Recipe!

We have given up on store bought, delivery, and frozen pizzas. IT will just never be as healthy as home made pizza with the right ingredients! Below is a combination of recipes I have found, and my family agrees on this one:) Don’t be…

Zuppa Toscana Recipe- Olive Garden Soup Knock Off

I love Olive Garden’s Endless Soup and Salad…It has been 2 years since I have been to an Olive Garden though! I try to make all of our food fresh (no frozen dinners or lunches in this house!) and healthy! My kids (5 &…

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