Welcome to Our World!

Here we talk about Travel, Tiny Life, Homesteading, Homeschooling, Losing Weight, DIYing, and more! Listen to the Podcast and immerse yourself into our Tiny Life! Maybe we will make you laugh or give you an idea….either way we hope you leave with something!

The Chitty Bang Story

Why we decided to edit our life, How we Built a Home out of a School Bus, The Supplies Used, Tips on Living Tiny, and Our Experiences Workamping.


Experiences and tips homeschooling, roadschooling, unschooling, and everything in between.

Health & Beauty

How we lost over 90 lbs last summer, Yummy Recipes, Natural Beauty TIps, and Young Living information.


Our Journey Homesteading, Raising chickens/turkeys/ducks, Aquaponic Farming, Raised Bed Gardening, and More….before Bus Life!