Bills In A Rolling Home: Basics

Check out our new video🌞! 💵BILLS IN A ROLLING HOME: BASICS! This is our take and experiences from the last year and I hope if anyone has been wondering about what some of the costs 💰that come with traveling with your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧are...they get a better idea from this video! Of course everyone's situations will … Continue reading Bills In A Rolling Home: Basics


How We Do Laundry While Traveling

How We Do Laundry While Traveling Newest video is out on How We Do Laundry While Traveling, and what we have been doing the last year while on the road/stationary somewhere! Hopefully this helps answer questions for folks wondering about this while #traveling 😁 We purchased the Wonder Wash on Amazon. Click the link … Continue reading How We Do Laundry While Traveling

Kicking Off 2018 -Chitty Bang Update

For those who don't follow our other social media outlets, I am trying to get organized and stay more on top of my blog via sharing YouTube videos we post and other pics we post on our other profiles. This video was from beginning January and gives an update of where we are and the … Continue reading Kicking Off 2018 -Chitty Bang Update

Easy Pumpkin Puree in my Tiny Kitchen

Here is a quick way to get the most out of your pumpkins from Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. It is best to use sugar pumpkins (the smaller ones but with thick stems) or white pumpkins give a different yummy flavor🍊 1.Preheat Oven to 400° 2. Cut pumpkin in half 3. Scoop out insides (bake seeds … Continue reading Easy Pumpkin Puree in my Tiny Kitchen

Tiny House Skoolie Energy Usage with a Generator

Hello again! Here is another video about our experience using a Generator for the first time on #chittybang:) I talk about the difference between our old '96 Briggs and Stratton 4000watt (thanks Paw Paw Mac!) And one we are borrowing for our workamping gig for the holidays which is a Honda 2000watt. Also when we … Continue reading Tiny House Skoolie Energy Usage with a Generator

ChittyBang Tour with FifthWheelFeel

Hey to our loyal #chittybangers 🙂 We recently shot a tour thru of Chitty Bang Skoolie via a great friend we met on the road, FifthWheelFeel. He is an awesome photographer, and we were happy to let him share our story with the social media world! Check out the video of the tour here at … Continue reading ChittyBang Tour with FifthWheelFeel

Clean Water While Traveling

While traveling, finding water has become second nature to us. If you stay off the beaten path and hit up BLM land, rest areas, truck stops, state campgrounds...sometimes there is no water to fill up your tanks or it is non-potable water that is available. Water filtration, I belive, is a definite must if you … Continue reading Clean Water While Traveling

Unlimited Internet While Traveling

This was something I thought about and researched through out our whole build. Who are we going to purchase internet service through? Don't get me wrong. It is nice to disconnect from the technological world every so often and connect to your environment, but we use the internet for a lot of things. We love … Continue reading Unlimited Internet While Traveling