Edible Travel Garden- Nasturtiums

https://youtu.be/ZDCBoe7X_qw Our friend from Avra Valley Growers brought us a Nasturtium as a gift and I love this guy! Flowers and leaves are edible and tastes like a peppery lettuce. Great on salads! I travel with rosemary and other herbs and flowers as well in our tiny house!


Millions of Peaches…peaches for me!

This year we got a lot of peaches off of our two young peach trees! Probably 72 ( yeah I did not weigh them or anything) from both combined. This is exciting for us especially since they are now 3 years old and when we tested our soil last spring we had 0 nitrogen and … Continue reading Millions of Peaches…peaches for me!

The Aquaponics System

What is Aquaponics, you ask? According to the book we followed, which was very informative, called Aquaponic Gardnening by Sylvia Bernstein, "Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, recirculating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients. This is an environmentally friendly, natural food growing, method … Continue reading The Aquaponics System

Pineapple Progress Day 5

So far the Pineapples are looking good! Both pineapples were planted in an organic potting soil for fruits and vegetables in containers, and watered thoroughly every day. Notice the outer leaves in the below picture are turning brown. However, in the next picture you will see new growth on the inside of the leaves. This … Continue reading Pineapple Progress Day 5