Chitty Bang Skoolie Tiny House Journey- NO Cal on the 101

Check out our newest video of Chitty Bang Cruising down the 101 in northern California this summer:) it was easier going south from klamath than from crescent city to Klamath! That little 21 mile stretch is a tranny stopper! But wow its a beautiful drive!! Https://


Central Texas Crazy Worms and Birds

We have had some serious rain here in Central Texas the last month or so, but it has been really bad since Memorial Day. The day after we had some torrential rainfall, Crab and I walked to the back of our homestead to check out the neighbor's creek to see how full it was and … Continue reading Central Texas Crazy Worms and Birds

7 Years Ago-Scavenger Hunt for Crab

Our very first youtube video was 7 years ago of a scavenger hunt I put together for Crab to tell him we were pregnant with our second child. It has a weird glitchiness to it, but it is still super cute and used on maternity sites I would randomly stubble upon! Glad it is being … Continue reading 7 Years Ago-Scavenger Hunt for Crab