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Family Hike: Ramsey Canyon & Part Hamburg Trail-Sierra Vista, AZ

This video shows our hike on the Ramsey Canyon and Part of the Hamburg Trail in Sierra Vista, AZ. Hiking always makes us feel good, and when its a place we have never seen before its even betteršŸ˜ if you ever get to southeastern az the Corinado National Forest has some amazing views and trails! More to come! Like amd subscribe to stay up to date on our traveling adventures!

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Goofing Off @ the Pumpkin Patch

Soooooo….this is what I do when I am bored LOL. I come up with life hacks in my south Louisiana/Mississippi accent. Rolling Pumpkin?? No problem! LOL ENJOY!

Our first 3 workamping videos on the Pumpkin Patch This Year!

The Final 3 Videos

We are Gonna Be on a Podcast!

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Central Texas Crazy Worms and Birds

We have had some serious rain here in Central Texas the last month or so, but it has been really bad since Memorial Day. The day after we had some torrential rainfall, Crab and I walked to the back of our homestead to check out the neighbor’s creek to see how full it was and how fast it was moving. It was definitely moving and full! Just as I turned around, barefoot and about ankle deep in water in the grass, I gasped because I thought I saw a stinking white snake. Then we looked closer and discovered it was a ginormous earth worm! Now, I don’t mind handling worms. We have had red wrigglers in compost and AP systems, used worms for fishing, all of it. But this big one was giving me the heeby jeebies when I tried to snatch it up. So my brave man, Crab, carried it to the house so we could measure it and show the girls. I have NEVER seen an earthworm this big. But it was cool enough that I wanted to share!

Longest Earth Worms I have EVER SEEN! One was 16
Longest Earth Worms I have EVER SEEN! Top One was 16″ and the other was 12″!!

I forgot to take a pic of the worm on the tape measure, but here is one for size comparison.

HOLY COW! Compared to Crab's hand it looked like a baby snake..(shivers)
HOLY COW! Compared to Crab’s hand it looked like a baby snake..(shivers)

We went and put them back where we found them and they moved amazingly fast in the water and down into a hole in the ground…it was really gross to watch :O! We just did not want the birds to eat them:) I began to wonder if one of these worms was from our first worm compost bin where we experienced The Great 500 EarthWorm Escape! We weren’t great at composting for worms…but we finally figured it out…1000 Earthworms later… šŸ™‚

Next Up in wildlife on the Homestead are Barn Swallows. I have had plenty of average Barn Swallows build their mud nests on our porch. I don’t like the poop, but when you consider I was surrounded by turkeys, chickens, ducks, and dogs…it really was not a big deal. Now that the house is up for sale, and I no longer have all of my flocks šŸ™ and only one dog…It does not look super appealing. LOL! But, I wasn’t going to kick them out since I wasn’t sure if they laid their eggs yet. So, we made a Life Cycle Observation out of it and watched everyday until we could hear the babies call out when Momma brought them a worm! It made us all miss hearing baby chicks hatch on our counter every month:(.

Barn Swallow nest...all 6 babies are out flying all day now, but they, mom, and dad return every night.
Barn Swallow nest…all 6 babies are out flying all day now, but they, mom, and dad return every night.

Just a Swingin! These are the back porch Barn Swallows and they built their nest in the most unusual place! On my Texas Star Wind Chimes! It does not get hit by a lot of wind due to where it is located and how short it is, but it definitely can move sometimes!

This is my EXTREME BARN SWALLOW NEST! Babies are in there, but still too little to begin flying. But man, can they SWING!
This is my EXTREME BARN SWALLOW NEST! Babies are in there, but still too little to begin flying. But man, can they SWING!

This was as close to the adult Barn Swallow as I could get, but still a cool pic šŸ™‚

Barn Swallow Momma feeding her babies
Barn Swallow Momma feeding her babies

Anyways, feel free to share any crazy nesting spots for your local birds…or some crazy looking worms…or anything you find that amazes you! I feel like maybe I am too easily entertained by

things lately…:)

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7 Years Ago-Scavenger Hunt for Crab

Our very first youtube video was 7 years ago of a scavenger hunt I put together for Crab to tell him we were pregnant with our second child. It has a weird glitchiness to it, but it is still super cute and used on maternity sites I would randomly stubble upon! Glad it is being used lol! You don’t have to watch the very end with all the writing, as it was originally made as an announcement for our friends and family, but just his reaction was priceless:)

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Practical Jokes Videos

Check out our youtube channel for all of our videos that we have posted on the blog, plus extras! Below are some of the practical jokes we have played on each other in the past…Including a Scavenger Hunt I had Crab go on when I found out I was pregnant with our youngest:)

For a Good Laugh- CLICK!