Yikes at those spikes!

Rooster Talons are totally no joke! No wonder Roo always left marks on me, geez! Needless to say, Roo's time at the Crab Homestead has come To a close and his son, Prince Roo, has taken over as king:) This was Big Crab's first run at killing a chicken by swinging him around by his … Continue reading Yikes at those spikes!


Crazy Chicken Lady Indeed!

My friend sent me this picture via text the other day and I couldn't help but laugh. I am pretty sure that feather in her hair is a chicken feather lol...and what made it funnier is that I actually do that if I find I nice one..lol. I also have a vase of pretty Turkey … Continue reading Crazy Chicken Lady Indeed!

Homestead Growing Pains- When Rooster’s Attack

These are not my first bruises, cuts, scrapes, etc. from living on the homestead or with animals in general. They are inevitable! Fences have cut me, nails have gone through my boot, chicken/turkey/rabbit feet have scraped me, my head has been bruised from knocking it on fence posts or beams form things we are building, … Continue reading Homestead Growing Pains- When Rooster’s Attack

Chick Update- Wk 7

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eru6MksSTOw Here is a chick progress update! The end of January Chicks are growing up well! I had ot move them to my other coop since the shared one was getting a little cramped. The plan is to make a small chicken tractor for the chicks to go into after they leave the brooder box … Continue reading Chick Update- Wk 7

Duck Tractor 2.0- Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTip45fRsXQ Update on the Duck Tractor! We added a tarp to give the ducks some more shade and wind break. I widened their door to their little house inside, but did that after I made the video of course! But either way, just wanted to show what it looked like afterwards. We will see how … Continue reading Duck Tractor 2.0- Video

Turkey Tractor 3.0

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6MdU8atdgA Finally! The completed Turkey Tractor! This was definitely needed considering our Tom decided to show retaliation towards my English Mastiff, Mila, for when she bullied him when he was much smaller! He didn't hurt our poor little 130 lb princess;) Just wouldn't really allow her to play outside without attacking! So the Turkey Tractor … Continue reading Turkey Tractor 3.0

Chicken Tractor, Turkey Tractor, Chick Tractor, Ever Where I See a TRACTOR!

The Current Project on the homestead is the best one yet! NO more chicken and Turkey poop covering my walk ways and deck! I love my free range birds, but their poop is not fun. We decided to open the gates and let all the critters run wild and forage for food. IT cut down … Continue reading Chicken Tractor, Turkey Tractor, Chick Tractor, Ever Where I See a TRACTOR!