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14: School Bus Electrical Clean Up

Let me start by saying, I am not an electrician. My husband is not an electrician. We have some electrical experience, but never on a bus. We just never had the confidence because it was a new skill to learn more about. If we…


The Short Version-Who We Are and How We Came To Be

We are a family of 4 (and an English Mastiff) who have decided to radically transform our lifestyle. Through our life experiences, we are discovering that living with less brings even bigger rewards. We are working towards “Our American Dream” in an unconventional way….


I have decided this never ending seal job of leaks will end this day! We went into the bus on a hard rain day and used chalk to mark all the spots that were leaking. We attempted to spray the bus with the hose…

11-13 Re-Do: Sealing School Bus Leaks Again

With all of the rain Central Texas has been getting, it really has allowed us to get some realistic ideas on if we did a good job with our caulking & foam. Leaks, Leaks, Everywhere!! Ok, they are not as bad as they once…

11, Part 2: Skoolie Window Removal/ReSeal & SIde Wall Demo

STAGE 11: Remove Windows/Side Panels & Insulation, Re-Seal and Replace Windows Part 2-Day 2 The next day I was certain we would not get to complete our project because of the rain. The Universe was looking out for us though because by 3 PM…

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