Yikes at those spikes!


Rooster Talons are totally no joke! No wonder Roo always left marks on me, geez!

Needless to say, Roo’s time at the Crab Homestead has come To a close and his son, Prince Roo, has taken over as king:) This was Big Crab’s first run at killing a chicken by swinging him around by his neck! Normally we use the chicken ringer and just pull the head off. Well, he thought Roo was dead, after he was terrorizing our daughter while taking out the garbage the hub went out and said “ok it’s over now”. After a few gallant swings in circles, the rooster was limp and then Crab returned inside for his knife, the cleaner, and a pot. Once he was set up, Roo’s eyes popped open! Lol! So he just stuck him in the ringer and did it the way he knew how! Unfortunately, bc of the stress the meat was tough. I’m sure if I would have frozen it for a while it would have helped..but big crab had Roo all skinned and ready for dinner by the time I returned from the store! So, dinner is served! Lol! This was a couple of months ago, so since then we have been terror free!!


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