Feeding the Turkeys & Chickens

Every other day we collect enough food scraps to feed the chickens and turkeys. This includes Veggies, fruits, Breads, leftover sandwiches from my kids’ lunchboxes, rice, leftover dinner scraps, etc. I try to keep onions and garlic out, but I cook with these two a lot and so far I don’t taste a difference in the eggs. Either way, when I walk outside and there is no sign of my flock, i use my “turk turk” call 🙂 and they come running/flying over. I love it! They make sweet noises and follow me to the compost bin we built for them. I try to remember to keep my dogs inside so they don’t bully the chickens and turkeys out of the scraps. Here is a video I took today doing this part of my chores:) Enjoy!

Food Scraps for my flock! We do a veggie juice for lunch so the pulp from the juicer goes in here too. My babies get lots of vitamins on a daily basis, ensuring the rich yolk that we love!

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