Video- Duck Tractor 1.0

A quick video of the new Muskovy ducks and their home! They have a nice shelter, and we recently added a tarp to this one, will update soon! They have finally gotten use to being here, still getting used to us. Will let you all know how this new adventure is going!


  1. We absolutely love our Muscovies. They are quite, friendly, funny little things. Ours are free range and despite having grown back their previously clipped wings they stay right in our little acre and a third. They have also fended off many a predator with their very unduck like talons. If you have cows, they are wonderful at keeping the flies at bay, they eat the larva out of the cow patties. Gross, but better than a mess of flies.

    • That’s awesome to know! We plan on letting them out of their tractor daily, once our turkeys are put up in their tractor. We actually have cows behind us so the flies are pretty bad. They seem pretty easy to please and so quiet! Do yours have a pond or anything? We keep reading they don’t really need one but doesn’t hurt. We have considered a baby pool or something..

      • We start in Spring with a little kids tub full of water. They don’t NEED it, but they like to clean themselves and have so much fun playing. Plus our kiddos like to watch them play. We got a cheapy one at Walmart. I think it was $12. They are also very hardy and love snow. They spent a lot of time outdoors playing in the snow when all the other animals stayed inside.

      • That’s awesome! Thanks for the tips! I will def look around for something. I was brainstorming today! I had some decent plastic containers but after checking all five, I drilled holes in the bottoms b/c I used them as planters once:/ I was so close!!

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