17: School Bus Metal Floor Prep

After moving to West Texas and all of the dirty bus electrical we cleaned out, it was time we cleaned Chitty Bang again. We were also ready to start building!! What…what is that I said? YES! No more Demo! We are constructing things now! Well almost…..first things first:)

First, the girls and I cleaned…again..


A clean Chitty Bang…Again! After the move she got really dirty! I also love this pic bc my little Crab is super cute 🙂


ALL CLEAN! Girl pic:)

Next, we decided that since the floor was pretty scratched from all of our moving crap that we would go ahead and repaint the floor to prevent any rust from coming in and spreading like cancer…we also sanded any spots that needed to be…probably only 2 small spots though.


The girls starting to paint


They are so cute and great helpers!


Back to Front Painted


Stairs Painted


Floor re-painted white!

And lastly, we had to install some “furring strips” so we could have space between the metal and the plywood we laid down later so the closed cell foam we were going to spray would have room to insulate the floor as least a half inch to an inch. We also had to save any head room we could since Crab is 6’2″ and the bus height of the ceiling was inches from his head. Which is why we opted to lay them flat instead of on their sides.


Furring Strips laid with some self tapping metal screws. Gotta put some ass into any screws going into this tin can!


Back to front of the furring strips. We also put some polyurethane (that stuff I love and used for all the holes and in previous blogs) on the bottom of the wood for extra security..you can see the zig zag of a moved board closest to camera.



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