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22: School Bus Build Mistake #1- Hanging Walls

So if you couldn’t tell by the title, we messed this step up. Not really messed it up, but just did the work and realized it was not going to work in the long game. We thought covering the walls was next. We bought some wainscotting panels and cut and..


Then we hung it up with TEK screws. About a days worth of work too. If you have ever screwed a tek screw into metal, you will inderstand how exhausting it can be!





Then we thought about this decision over the next week or so while we worked n other parts. How will we anchor the furniture and other things we need to later on? Does it really matter that the spray foam is still exposed even if furniture is covering it and will never be seen? How much money did we just waste? LOL. I am happy to say this was the only time in the project we spent money on a supplies and our time, and it just wouldn’t work.


And since we cut them, we could not return them. So we turned them over and used some as a floor cover after we put the linoleum down, so it was not a total loss:)

You can either go on our journey until we corrected it:

Stage 23: Ceiling Material, Some Prep, and Completion

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Stage 25: Framing The Side Walls

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Stage 21: Installing External Storage Boxes Part 1


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20: School Bus Windshield Replacement & RV Ladder Install

We ended up getting a big nasty crack in the windshield. I think it was due to the rubber around the windshield being stuck behind in the glass in some places causing pressure points in the glass. Either way, our friend was friends with a glass guy, Lucky Us! Thanks Jim! So he came out to the house and took the windshield out, and replaced it with a brand new one! And the rubber is seated correctly now:)

Looks great! Thanks John! If you are ever in West TX (BIg Spring near Midland and Odessa area) call John up! I want to say it only cost about $200! Info below:


The transformation is in the making:) Once she is all painted, she will look brand new, or close:)

Next, we had ordered a ladder from Amazon that was a universal RV ladder. It was about $100 free shipping with Prime. I am not sure I am 100% sold on it. We bought better bolts and added lock nuts and washers. It only came with some screws…and we overengineer everything…so we added better hardware. The ladder was made for RVs, remember, so our bus is missing the hump on the top, which meant the support posts on the top were too short. We added some blocks of wood to take up the space.

Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Watching Crab work from the roof since my only way down was the ladder we were installing 🙂 Talk about motivation!

Now that we are about 3 months past this project and know how to weld, and want a “garage” on the back of the bus about 3 ft. out…we may cut hte ladder in half, or make something on our own. This part will be to be continued… 🙂

Here is a bigger shot of the bus windshield! Even got her some new windshield wipers:) The grill is off on this picture to be bondo’ed and re-painted.


What’s Next?!

Stage 21: Installing External Storage Boxes-Part 1


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17: School Bus Metal Floor Prep

After moving to West Texas and all of the dirty bus electrical we cleaned out, it was time we cleaned Chitty Bang again. We were also ready to start building!! What…what is that I said? YES! No more Demo! We are constructing things now! Well almost…..first things first:)

First, the girls and I cleaned…again..

A clean Chitty Bang…Again! After the move she got really dirty! I also love this pic bc my little Crab is super cute 🙂
ALL CLEAN! Girl pic:)

Next, we decided that since the floor was pretty scratched from all of our moving crap that we would go ahead and repaint the floor to prevent any rust from coming in and spreading like cancer…we also sanded any spots that needed to be…probably only 2 small spots though.

The girls starting to paint
They are so cute and great helpers!
Back to Front Painted
Stairs Painted
Floor re-painted white!

And lastly, we had to install some “furring strips” so we could have space between the metal and the plywood we laid down later so the closed cell foam we were going to spray would have room to insulate the floor as least a half inch to an inch. We also had to save any head room we could since Crab is 6’2″ and the bus height of the ceiling was inches from his head. Which is why we opted to lay them flat instead of on their sides.

Furring Strips laid with some self tapping metal screws. Gotta put some ass into any screws going into this tin can!
Back to front of the furring strips. We also put some polyurethane (that stuff I love and used for all the holes and in previous blogs) on the bottom of the wood for extra can see the zig zag of a moved board closest to camera.



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