Stage 22: What We Thought Was Next- Hanging Walls

So if you couldn’t tell by the title, we messed this step up. Not really messed it up, but just did the work and realized it was not going to work in the long game. We thought covering the walls was next. We bought some wainscotting panels and cut and..


Then we hung it up with TEK screws. About a days worth of work too. If you have ever screwed a tek screw into metal, you will inderstand how exhausting it can be!





Then we thought about this decision over the next week or so while we worked n other parts. How will we anchor the furniture and other things we need to later on? Does it really matter that the spray foam is still exposed even if furniture is covering it and will never be seen? How much money did we just waste? LOL. I am happy to say this was the only time in the project we spent money on a supplies and our time, and it just wouldn’t work.


And since we cut them, we could not return them. So we turned them over and used some as a floor cover after we put the linoleum down, so it was not a total loss:)

You can either go on our journey until we corrected it:

Stage 23: Ceiling Material, Some Prep, and Completion

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Stage 25: Framing The Side Walls

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Stage 21: Installing External Storage Boxes Part 1


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