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My introduction Video for VIPKID

Check out my introduction video I have for my bio with VIPKid. Need help on yours? Maybe mine will give you some ideas! I have used this video since Day 1 and I made $2k my first month with the company! I think it…


My First mock class with vipkid

I am putting it all out there you guys! I actually share my VERY FIRST MOCK class! This mock class is 5 minutes long. I had some initial questions that I had to answer (All on the basic info you fill out before scheduling…

Top 10 Tips on how i got hired in 5 days with vipkid

Making money from home is something that I have been looking for forever! We have plenty of side hustles that we created from our own blood, sweat, and tears…..but in an effort it fund future investments and properties, I decided to get a job…

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