Top 10 Tips on how i got hired in 5 days with vipkid

Making money from home is something that I have been looking for forever! We have plenty of side hustles that we created from our own blood, sweat, and tears…..but in an effort it fund future investments and properties, I decided to get a job as an independent contractor….not selling pumpkins or trees or fireworks…but working right from my house…and making $2k a month! This video below will go over my Top 10 TIPS on getting hired with VIPKid. I completed the 2 interview/mock classes in 5 days, teaching in about 9 days….So if you are looking for another way to make money, have a bachelors degree, and can work late night or early AM hours…..THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

Any gig job workers effected by the corona virus, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! Needing to make some extra money while not at your regular 9-5? Need a work from home job so you can stay with your kids? Need a work from home job to prevent coronavirus? CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!

Don’t forget, use my referral code and let me know you used it so I can reach out and give you tips on getting hired, the process, and preparing for your first class!


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