My First mock class with vipkid

I am putting it all out there you guys! I actually share my VERY FIRST MOCK class! This mock class is 5 minutes long. I had some initial questions that I had to answer (All on the basic info you fill out before scheduling the class) and then we jumped into the mock class, which is what I share with you today! After this class…I WAS ACCEPTED TO DO A 2nd INTERVIEW! I took a workshop and went on to pass my second interview and 10 minute MOCK CLASS! Check out my other video on my TIPS on how I got hired in 5 days! And look for my future videos on HOW I MADE $2k MY FIRST MONTH with VIPKID! Subscribe, click the BELL! Get notified when I post another video! Don’t forget, use my referral code and then message me on any of our social medias or at so I can reach out to you and give you some more tips on what to expect for your interviews, your first class, and more!

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