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PureKana: (855) 553-7441/ 100 LAckawanna Ave, Parsippany, NJ 07054/ info@purekana.com

Product Reviewed: Natural CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) 300 MG/ 40 servings

Cost: $54

Lab Tested:

Pro Verde Labs- http://www.proverdelabs.com 420 Fortune Blvd, Milford, PA 01751

Maine Lab- 220 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103/ Phone- (617) 221-3356 Info@proverdelabs.com

Christopher Hudalla | Chris.Hudalla@ProVerdeLabs.com Ph.D., Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dorian A. Des Lauriers | DD@ProVerdeLabs.com Founder, CEO

This is the only test the company has via their FAQ page and is for MCT oil. It shows:

Delta9-THC .01 wt% – Conc. .10 mg/mL

CBD .93 wt% – Conc. 8.80 mg/mL

CBC .0 wt% – Conc. .06 mg/mL

CBDA .00 wt% – Conc. .04 mg/mL

Total CBD .94 wt% – Conc. 8.83 mg/mL

Total THC .01 wt%


Screenshot 2019-03-31 22.55.46.png

However, their website claims:

Screenshot 2019-03-31 22.58.41.png

Yet, they provide no evidence to back this up.

Click Here for the 5 Star Ranking Structure Description

Screenshot 2019-03-31 23.25.32.png
Screenshot 2019-03-31 23.26.05.png

My Notes:

This company has flavored tinctures, which I feel waters down CBD oil and gives companies excuses to raise prices for no reason. They claim to be free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, fertilizers, and be non-gmo but does not have any tests to show prove that accurate. The company has taken 3 business days and I still have not heard from them. I was also not impressed with the cannabinoids in their full tincture oil. There should be multiple cannabinoids with higher % so you get the full scope of the cannabinoids working together. I say STAY AWAY!

Below is the communication between myself and the company:

Screenshot 2019-03-31 22.54.21.png
Screenshot 2019-03-31 22.54.28.png
Screenshot 2019-03-31 22.54.53.png

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    • Hey Amy, so far I am suggesting naturesultra.com and hempmeds.com
      I liked their results and tests…naturesultra is a little pricier and only has unflavored option for pet cbd tincture (which is the one I tried bc I prefer raw and it was cheaper lol) but young living partnered with them too so if you’re a distributor You get a little discount. Hempmeds has good prices for the amount and u flavored options. I need to write an article for the suggested ones I just have been slammed. But def check those out.

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