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All information is up to date as of 03/30/2019 SOLD BY: PureKana: (855) 553-7441/ 100 LAckawanna Ave, Parsippany, NJ 07054/ info@purekana.com Product Reviewed: Natural CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) 300 MG/ 40 servings Cost: $54 Lab Tested: Pro Verde Labs- http://www.proverdelabs.com 420 Fortune Blvd, Milford, PA… Continue Reading “PureKana”

Cura Cannabis Solutions-Select CBD

All information is up to date as of 03/30/2019 The Next company I am reviewing for my search in quality CBD is Cura Cannabis Solutions SOLD BY: Cura Wellness LLC: (530) 784-4442/PO BOX 14579, Portland OR 97239/ selectsupport@curacan.com/ https://selectcbd.com/ Cura Cannabis Solutions (is Cura… Continue Reading “Cura Cannabis Solutions-Select CBD”

CANNABA RX- Medella Sciences

**UPDATED RESULTS** First Company Exposed! As of 04/25/2019 This information is up to date. SOLD BY: Medella Science- No Phone/ 6930 Signat Dr. Houston, TX 77041 – https://medellasciences.com/contact/ Cliffprice & Company- (800) 560-4438 Perry Pharmacy– tracy@perrypharmacy.com CLAIMED Product contents: Full Spectrum CBD TIncture 100%… Continue Reading “CANNABA RX- Medella Sciences”

CANNAB.A.B.E.’s Super Scientific Ranking Structure

We are on the ground floor of figuring out which companies are really the best at providing quality and inexpensive CBD oil for people to use. People choose to use Cannabis and CBD products to get away from the harsh chemicals and pesticides of… Continue Reading “CANNAB.A.B.E.’s Super Scientific Ranking Structure”

A Rant about CBD- Know What’s In IT!

Today I went Live on Youtube to kind of rant about CBD companies that are popping up all over the place but most of the people either don’t know what is actually in the CBD or that they even have choices! I am on… Continue Reading “A Rant about CBD- Know What’s In IT!”

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