Homeschool- Our First 2 Month’s Journey

Magic Potion Experiment
Magic Potion Experiment

What A Learning Experience! After we figured out why we wanted to homeschool and when we would be ready, we had to physically do it. So we did. 🙂 The plan was to sell our home, start homeschooling and travel. We would begin looking for land to start our new homestead on, without the worry of the kids missing school. But that was the plan. And Plans Change…..Thank Goodness!

We decided it was best to have the kids established in a homeschool routine before uprooting them and traveling the world. Our home showings were so up and down, we did not know when we were moving. Time to take control. So we pulled them out of school and there we were…Monday morning. Except I was excited and terrified, and the girls were actually in good moods! 🙂 But what to do? I made a schedule I had been working on for forever it seemed like. I had alarms on my phone, I had all the subjects listed, I had a plan. I thought. Instead of home schooling, I schooled at home. My timers, my schedule, my plan, was total crap. I was totally stressed out, but so happy we finished our first day. I learned a million things. I set off to revise my entire workbook and scheduler I created, into something more simple. I deleted all of my timers. And I researched more on youtube, homeschool sites, and pinterest. Over the next couple of weeks, my entire school day transformed and my schedule was revised. After all of my research the consistent message I kept hearing is, “RELAX! Remember why you are doing this. Remember you wanted more time with your kids. They will learn no matter what. Just enjoy your time with them, and they will learn.” Many of the veteran home school moms and dads said their number one regret was not relaxing. They said they wish they would have spent more time with their children. I whole-heartedly agree. “They Say” (whoever they are) that many people who are close to the end of their lives say that one of their biggest regrets is not spending time with family. That is why we wanted to homeschool. We love spending time together. So that is what I set out to remind myself everyday.

The Curriculum:


*Explode the Code Online

*Hooked on Phonics- kindergartener

*Winston Grammar- 4th grader

*Master Platinum Typing

*Multiplication flash cards- 4th grader

*Phonics words flash cards- kindergartener

*Spelling/vocabulary words for fourth grader found on internet-new list every week; each day she does something different with words from spelling them, defining them, writing sentences, writing stories, and then an overall quiz on fridays

*Random Science Experiments we find on pinterest, knex, gears gears gears, snap circuit connector set projects,  etc.

*Life Science- happens all the time on the homestead!!

*Helping their dad build a hydroponics system…and any other projects we have!

*History-Random people in history right now until I pick a world history set

*We also talk about different religions and their beliefs, and whatever else comes up in our conversations.

The Schedule:

Not much of one, but we basically do everything every day, alternating days for explode the code and typing. We usually start at 9/930 and end around 12, when we do lunch. If we have any art projects or any science experiments, we do them after lunch. I let the kids decide which subjects they want to do first, and while they are working (unless they need help form me), I review the schedule for the day and work on tomorrow’s and the next day’s schedule.

We enjoy the Charlotte Mason Method, as well as some Unit Study. It is just an ecclectic mix of subjects! We download free books from the SUPER COUPON LADY, who send 10 free kindle books a day, many with kids books, I purchase books, or we find free information online. Why not? Sometimes I download worksheets for them to complete, but that is not often. Sometimes they actually request them!  We go outside sometimes to read, depending on the weather. We attend skate days with other homeschool kids, or park days on Fridays. We want to enroll them in dance, a sport, etc soon, but I am glad I took the advice of one homeschool mom and did not sign them up for anything. I was definitely not ready for running around, I needed to get my schedule right at home first.

It is ever changing and ever growing. I have found some classes I would love the kids to do this summer too. We are conducting year round school, because, well, why not? They are learning always and I want them ahead of their peers, because they want to do the work, not because they have to. My kindergartener is already more than half way through  her first MATH U SEE WORKBOOK, Primer.She is in lesson 19, when I had only planned to do one lesson a week. Thanks to a bit of the un-schooling method, my littlest Crab has excelled with Math! And if she wants to do it, I let her do it for as long as she wants. By my watch, she should only be in lesson 9. My 4th grader is reading a book every week, and we are about to start implementing written and types summaries, then reports. Or I may just have her give me oral reports to work on public speaking. I had even thought of having my parents as her audience via skype or factime, or even some of her old classmates:)

Possibilities are endless. The love is unconditional. Their learning is everlasting. And their passion will be undying as long as we continue to foster it. Our goal…our plan…teach them about life, how to be self reliant, research everything, form their own opinions, and BE HAPPY!!

Make a Pumpkin Puke Experiment
Make a Pumpkin Puke Experiment

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