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A “Typical” Homeschool Day on the Road in a Tiny House

NEWEST Video Out! A “Typical” Homeschool Day on the Road in a Tiny House 🚎 🌞I finally did a video on our kids typical homeschool day, along with how it changes and how we adapt to boredom, burn out, traveling, tips, out mottos, and…


Science/Art: The Human Body

Earlier this year we talked about the Human Body and the internal organs. We learned about how our food is digested, how our brains send signals to our muscles and nerves, and even about how many bones we have in our bodies! The book…

Homeschool- Our First 2 Month’s Journey

What A Learning Experience! After we figured out why we wanted to homeschool and when we would be ready, we had to physically do it. So we did. 🙂 The plan was to sell our home, start homeschooling and travel. We would begin looking…

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