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Editing Our Life Part 4: Selling the House & Moving

We finally did it! We finally sold our home for what we needed and were able to become debt free and pursue our renovation of Chitty Bang. We hustled. We got rid of even more crap, and began the next step of our lives….


11, Part 2: Skoolie Window Removal/ReSeal & SIde Wall Demo

STAGE 11: Remove Windows/Side Panels & Insulation, Re-Seal and Replace Windows Part 2-Day 2 The next day I was certain we would not get to complete our project because of the rain. The Universe was looking out for us though because by 3 PM…

Editing Our Life: Part 3-Tiny House/Skoolie Idea

When we originally came up with the idea to live minimally, we loved the idea of building our own tiny house. It is definitely an up and coming idea, and people will choose to live tiny for so many reasons; environmental, downsize their debt,…

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