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Talking Chitty: Episode 1: Who We Are and What It’s All About

  https://TalkingChitty.podbean.com/mf/play/aq22d5/Who_We_Are_and_Why_We_Live_Tiny-MASTERCOPY_-_11_15_18_4_07_PM.mp3 It’s Here It’s Here! OUr new podcast TALKING CHITTY is officially out! If you don’t want to dowload podbean, oyu can just listen right above or go to the TALKING CHITTY podbean page and listen from there! Where and how to listen:…


HolyStone Drone footage of Chitty Bang

Here is another video I have posted on Youtube of Chitty Bang a month or so ago! Crab got a new drone from HolyStone and it is working really well! Check it out!! Amazon link for Drone

Skoolie Bus Conversion Tour of Garage and Back Deck Extension & Stabilizer Jacks

Hey all! Here is a video I posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago on the rear end of Chitty Bang and all the welding we did as rookies lol https://youtu.be/c5SQ5T2GhuI That Hobart 210 MVP really was a hoss! And great for beginners!…

23: Skoolie Ceiling Material and Completion

Stage 23: Ceiling Material, Some Prep, and Completion

The Dirty Truth About a Compost Toilet

My thoughts on our experience with a compost toilet in our tiny house skoolie with a family of 4.

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