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Operation Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Follow our progress on renovating our 1999 International School Bus into our Tiny House that will take us around the United States to find our next homestead location! Maybe you can pick up some tips along the way too:)

24: School Bus Build- Closet Space

Stage 24: Building the Bunk Room Closet Since we started with the bunk beds and the last thing to build out was the closet, we went ahead and finished that out. We framed the walls with 2x4s, just like every other wall and secured…


23: Skoolie Build Master Bedroom

Stage 23: Building The Master Bedroom Once the Bunks were done, the Master bedroom was easy to tackle. We just needed a bed frame, some walls and closets. However, we wanted to be able to be in cold places in the winter, so we…

16: Skoolie Window Insulation

Stage 16 Extended-Interior: Insulating the Covered Windows Building during the winter can mean different things for different people. Some people had to deal with snow and ice during their builds. Thankfully, we were in West Texas, but it would still get pretty darn cold!…

22: School Bus Build- Bunk Beds

Stage 22: Building Bunks When we started officially building in the bus it was winter time, right after Thanksgiving 2016. WE started with the Bunk Beds, after some time learning metal work first. Why? We knew for sure the general layout of the bus,…


Hey everyone! So if you don’t follow us on our other social media outlets you may not know, but we made the cover and centerfold of the May 2018 edition of Bus conversion magazine! We wrote the article and featured some pretty amazing pictures…

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