Episode #10: Intermittent Fasting & How We Lost 93 lbs!

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Come Check out the conversation we had on YOUTUBE LIVE Saturday Night by listening or watching, we do it all! LOL! This SAturday we talked about how Ryon and I lost over a combined 93 lbs from April 2018 til September 2018 all by Intermittent Fasting and doing some physical activity. We talk about how it wasn’t really a “Diet” and we made sure to keep telling ourselves that. We ate what we wanted, it was all about when we ate and moving our bodies. Even if we could walk faster tahn we were “running” the first couple of months. The Point is, we tried everything else. We tried the fad diets, Insanity workouts, juice fasts, and more. We finally learned more about the foods we ate and what each did. We used the scale as a tool and not a scary thing to step on every day. We used it to track what we ate and how our bodies handled it. We learned how much was too much food and what was not enough. Then we talk about how we got into a small one room gym at a resort to start toning up and running inside because it was so hot. The transition to workamping a pumpkin patch and tree lot with no other exercise and how we maintained it. Then when we became still bodies for a couple of months to recoop from our workamp gig til now, where we are walking and eating kind of better. You get the whole story, almost one year later how this diet was either a success or a bust!

The last bit we get into a heated conversation about the new bill that is making its way through our government that allows boys who identify as girls to compete in women’s sports in schools. We talk about what we think is right and what women need to do to protect our rights before they get taking over again.

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Episode Break Down:

3:45 Why we had to get healthy

6:00 Our Stats and What we Tried

8:00 Intermittent Fasting

12:00 Running Walk About

15:00 Schedule for the First Week

17:00 WATER

19:30 Pizza/ We Are NOT on a DIET

20:50 8th Day

22:00 248 lbs May 20th (20 Days)

25:50 From Outside to Inside & A gym

27:00 Exercise

29:00 Brain & Stomach

32:00 1 & 1 to 1 Meal a Day

36:30 Share a Meal

37:00 Morgan Gets Cranky & Micio Gets in The Way

41:30 Plateau & Dropping Weight

46:00 High Protein & High Healthy Fats & Low Carbs

48:20 Shitty Taco Parties

51:00 Labs

55:00 Mo Got the Shingles

1:00:15 Circadian Rhythm

1:02:30 Women and WeightLoss

1:03:45 Sugar, I had Doughnuts

1:04:20 Don’t Go too hard

1:06:00 Cynderblock Workout

1:06:50 Athlean-X

Change of Subject…..

1:08:10 Women’s Rights

1:14:00 Olympic Athletes

1:16:25 Juwanna Man

1:21:00 Candace Owens

1:23:00 You Tube Video-Women’s Lockerroom

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