Tiny House Skoolie- Water Filters part 1

Hey all! So we made a quick video on how awesome our outside filtration system is working! We have been using it 6 months now and this was the first time a filter got leaky…and the first time we checked the filters to see how dirty they were! We intended just to fix a leaky filter but when we opened it up and saw the filter we decided to change it (since it was first in line and the dirtiest!). The leak was fixed once we tightened it…typical maintenance! But holy cow we were so happy that we decided to buy and use these filters for our journey! We have been from Washington to Arizona with these filters and used them on rv parks, campgrounds, city inlets, and rest area hookups and water quality is different everywhere! We even found tiny rocks in it that really could have damaged our water lines on chitty bang! Here is the video and some shenanigans:)


Tiny House Skoolie- Water Filters Part 1

Amazon Links to:

Water Softener

Water Filter Holders

Water Filters:

Pentek DGD-2501 1 Micron

Pentek R30-BB 30 Micron

Aquaboon: 5 Micron Coconut Shell Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge




    • I am updating the youtube video description and the article right now with direct links. I can not believe i forgot to do that! I used mostly Pentek supplies and filters and one aquaboon cooconut shell 5 micron carbon block filter. Check the article for the updated direct links. That will be easier I think!

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