One reason we chose to travel…Time

One of the many reasons  we chose to build a Tiny House and travel with our kids while they were young is as simple as one word….Time.

Not everyone has it. Not everyone can afford to get some. It can be evasive. It can be a thief. It could make you choose between what you want to do and what you need to do. It costs money sometimes. It just always seems like there is never enough some days. 

It can be spent a million different ways though. It is all our choice. It really is. 

We made sacrifices like all people do. It wasn’t special, or unique, or different. Just different circumstances. Still all our choice. We were done with being told how to spend our time. We were done always being around each other but never spending real, quality time with each other. Being there in body, but not really there…you know? Feeling bad every day like we could have done more. 

Finally wanting a solution, because this can not be what life is….i don’t want to be “grown up” like I was told I had to be. I didn’t want to stop exploring, acting like a kid with my kids, learning new things as I teach them something for school (I learn with them!), learning new things as they teach me….i didn’t want to find another corporate job just to see my kids a couple of hours in a day and spend my life in a car like the majority. 

So what was the solution? We got the good paying jobs, Crab was retired at 22 years old, we had a couple of houses, nice cars, some land, new tv’s, big expensive appliances, karate classes, soccer games, cheer practice, busy…busy…busy. Spending our time living this version of “the American dream”. We did it. We made it. Now what? It just was not satisfying anymore. We keot.buying and consuming to fill this void that just never seemed to be “IT”. 

We problem solved for months. Thankful for the experiences we have had, good and bad…and appreciative of the lessons we learned, we finally decided that we were happiest together and how to make that happen. So around 4 am one morning we were just up talking about how to solve this…and idea of #chittybangskoolie was born. We did not really understand it then…but the more we researched and watched the more excited we got. And we never looked back….

NOW we have gotten to watch our kids learn and grow, from helping with the bus to running their own little businesses, making friends with kids from other states and countries, learning what it means to live and do what you love.  How to really Spend their Time. 

If that’s all we taught them with this chapter of our life, traveling, then that is good enough for me.

Keep on your Journey. Peace.


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