Unlimited Internet While Traveling

This was something I thought about and researched through out our whole build. Who are we going to purchase internet service through?

Don’t get me wrong. It is nice to disconnect from the technological world every so often and connect to your environment, but we use the internet for a lot of things. We love using it for education for ourselves and the kids via you tube, Khan academy, code academy, Ted talks, researching current events and topics, etc. As well as the other stuff like Netflix, Amazon video streaming, paying the few bills we have, and continuing this website as well as our other social media outlets. INTERNET is definitely a part of our lives, and it is one of the things we do not mind paying $$ For because we want it to work, be reliable, and be fast. Most importantly, no throttling, no contract, and easy peasy activation and service.

This video explains what we decided to do and how well it worked. ENJOY!

Internet While Traveling #chittybangskoolie style


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