Summer is Here! Office is Outside!


Sorry it has been a while! We have been busy at the homestead with our candle and melt business as well as creating some new products! And now that summer is here, field trips and field days are over, school taxi is closed, and bored kids are in bloom!! I still have a little bit more time now to make more posts though!

I have been scanning Pinterest for things to do this summer and have done a couple, with some fails and successes:) now we are to the point that when the kid crabs come to us looking for something to do…we find something for them to clean! Hahah! We make them go outside and use imaginations! Of course I am feeding them Popsicles, water, and other snacks…this year we did not get a pool so they have been using the hose on the trampoline and for a moment we had a tarp and sprinkler out for a redneck water slide, but they said it was a bit rough:/ so we put it up.

I have been finding many “to do’s” that are inexpensive or free from the thirsty site and some just plain old googling!! Next time you are online google your city, state or surrounding cities name with “movie in the park”. We have two near us that are free and they are showing “frozen” in June and one a month until October!

Also, after searching for hiking trails (an old combat buddy of Big Crab’s is hiking the Appalachian Trail right now and has been on it for 3 months! Will be done in August!! Holy cow! And he was in no shape at all but def is now..totally motivated us to get off of
our butts!) I found many near us that are short or can be very long with camping in between. Also found a few lakes for swimming, fishing, and just plain old exploring!

Google Regal Cinemas and Cinemarks movies sites and they are doing a $1 movie or $5 for 10 through the summer. The start times are 10 AM on like Wednesdays..but…a good way to get out of the house, smuggle some candy and water into the theatre, and enjoy a staycation! Our theaters are about 30-45 mins away but that is normal drive time so I’m doing it on a week I have to grocery shop or something else so it’s a dual trip to cut costs! Also most of the movies are newer (despicable me 2, surfs 2, etc) and most have seen these but we have yet to see mr Peabody and Sherman and that one is in August!!

There may also be local skating rinks that offer free skate times and $3 skate rentals. Google “free skate” and the city you skate in for more info. The times are usually in the day but one we have has one on a Friday 12-6pm for those that work. I’d rather hit the rink when it isn’t crowded though as my girls are young.

As I find stuff I will post more!! Have fun and enjoy your summer!!

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