Easy Braid Wrapped Bun

More Homestead Hair High Fashion! Who says you have to be boring “pony tail mom” everyday? Dress up your ponytail or bun with this cute braided twist to an all too common up-do. This one is much like the Braided Headband, and you can even combine these two and have a pretty cool looking up-do! Here is how you get started!

1. Grab a section of hair (It can be as big as you want really, as long as you can wrap it around the bun. The bigger the more noticeable. I like this size, but sometimes I like bigger sections) and braid it down. Secure with a small elastic. Try to grab the hair that is more directly behind the bottom of your ear close to your neck. This helps keep the start of the braid discreet.


2. Braid Each Side and Use Small Elastic to Secure















3. Twist your pony tail and then wrap into a bun. Secure with a Big Elastic Over the whole thing. Or leave as a ponytail Messy is fine b/c we are not posers! We actually work hard 🙂
4. Wrap one braid at a time whichever direction you are comfortable with around the bun. You can secure with bobby pins in the bun or I used a small elastic and just plopped it over the whole thing when I was done. When you wrap the first piece, you can use the second piece to secure the first one by starting off tightly criss crossing it.


5. From the Top! Looks like your bun/ponytail is held together with your own hair. So Pretty!

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