A Chicken/Turkey Update

Wow it has been a while since posting! Here is an update on the chicks we hatched this last spring 2013!

We were able to slaughter 40+ chickens in the last 3 months. Most were roosters and the others were our older hens. We now have our original rooster, 6- 2 yr old hens, 2 new roosters and 11 new hens. We are downsizing still on the hens as we are getting plenty of eggs! We are also attempting an incubation in the coming week, so I will be posting progress.

We also received 15 Midget White and Narragansett Turkeys this August, we are down to 11 (4 white/7 Narragansett….I just wanted to see if I could spell that word again without looking..lol) due to early loss. We only want 4 , so we are hoping come Christmas one will be big enough for dinner :). The Toms just started to gobble and they are definitely wanderers. Either way, I will update with some pics as I can.

That is about it for now on the chickens and turkeys. I may also post a video on how we slaughter the chickens and prepare the meat. I have also been boiling the whole chickens to make broth to can in my pressure cooker. Some canning recipes soon as well!

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