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Video- Chicken Tractor 1.0

Here is a video tour of the chicken tractor we just built! We recently added a tarp soon after this video, and hung the feed and water. I will update with that video soon! So far with 20 mph winds all day today, they have held up great!

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New Years Chicks Update- 8 Weeks

Our babies are growing growing growing! They are now on chicken feed for adults, pellets and cracked corn (dumor brand). Finally started walking outside after leaving their coop door open for a week! I am hoping in four more weeks we will be able to start processing them! They have eaten one and a half 50 pound bags of chick crumble so far..about $15…we want to keep feed costs down, so the sooner they start eating scraps the better! I will try to give them some juice pulp to add vitamins to their diet as well. They just were not digging the tortillas I threw out to them!

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Chick Hatching

Here is a quick video of some chicks that already hatched, and one on its way! I helped him a little because my humidity dropped really low. It should at 65% after Day 18 so the chicks can make it out safe and sound. The temperature should be between 99.5 and 102. Opening the lid will cause the drop! So be careful and enjoy!