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Composting Toilet Life Hack!

  Living with a compost toilet for 2 years and we have a few tricks that work for our budget, lifestyle, and overall peace of mind! Here are just a couple of many tips on using a compost toilet, the media to use, and… Continue Reading “Composting Toilet Life Hack!”

Homestead Growing Pains- When Rooster’s Attack

These are not my first bruises, cuts, scrapes, etc. from living on the homestead or with animals in general. They are inevitable! Fences have cut me, nails have gone through my boot, chicken/turkey/rabbit feet have scraped me, my head has been bruised from knocking… Continue Reading “Homestead Growing Pains- When Rooster’s Attack”

A Chick Comparison- Oh how they grow!

Here is a quick video on the New Years Chicks (8 wks) compared to the 4 wk old chicks born at the end of January. I moved them to the big chicken coop today, separated them from the 8 week old chickens with chicken… Continue Reading “A Chick Comparison- Oh how they grow!”

My Roosters

At first, I was scared to get roosters b/c you hear all the bad sides, “They attack you,” ” super territorial”, etc. Well, in order to get baby chicks, and to have a complete circle of sustainability, I had to suck it up. So,… Continue Reading “My Roosters”

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