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#6: Convo with Chase Ey at BCKnives

https://TalkingChitty.podbean.com/mf/play/rdt56g/Ep_6_Chase_BcKnives-MASTER.mp3 Here it is! After a long week of waiting we finally have our next episode! In this one we talk to Chase Ey with BCKnives. He made Ryon an amazing knife that is quality and hand forged. SO we decided to interview the… Continue Reading “#6: Convo with Chase Ey at BCKnives”

Skoolie Build Rear Deck Renovation 1 of 3

Here is a quick video on how the rear end is coming along. We used a piece of sheet metal and some angle iron and flat bar that we had from the tool box removal. So it is pieced together a bit! We welded… Continue Reading “Skoolie Build Rear Deck Renovation 1 of 3”

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