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Ep: #17: Jon Vandrgriff- Social Vow Media- Social Media Tips, Lessons Learned, Bus Build Lessons, Investing Stories, Failures, Successes, Making a FREE Class for all of our Followers, and MORE!

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What a transition from last week’s podcast LOL! But today we release a podcast with Jon Vandergriff with Social Vow Media and Create.Share.Inspire. Podcast! We had a great chat about his bus build, some business lessons, life lessons, grinding, his social media experience, tips, Investing Experiences, Facebook PIXELS, Making ADS, and setting up a free class for all of our awesome followers and fans, and more! I hope you enjoy and if you want to join our free class email me at or DM me at any of our social media outlets! We will announce the class once we have an idea of how many people want to be involved!

Check out Jon’s Social Media Outlets- Social Vow Media

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