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CANNABA RX- Medella Sciences

First Company Exposed! As of 03/27/2019 This information is up to date.


Medella Science- No Phone/ 6930 Signat Dr. Houston, TX 77041 –

Cliffprice & Company- (800) 560-4438

Perry Pharmacy–

CLAIMED Product contents: 500 ml Full Spectrum, 100% pure

Cost: $80

Lab Tested:

Pro Verde Labs- 420 Fortune Blvd, Milford, PA 01751

Maine Lab- 220 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103/ Phone- (617) 221-3356

Christopher Hudalla | Ph.D., Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dorian A. Des Lauriers | Founder, CEO

Certificate of Analysis Sent is for Medella Sciences for their Concentrates/Extracts- ISOLATE, not their tincture I requested and States:

CBD 3.53 wt% h/ 33.41 mg/ml

CBG .05 wt%/ .43 mg/ml

No other Cannabinoids listed. Does not state how the CBD is extracted.

My Notes:

*Contacted Cliffprice & Company and woman stated she did not know what a Certificate Of Analysis was and said they do NOT test ANY of their products.

*Email reply from a person from Medella Science, and they also CCed a person at Perry Pharmacy in the email: Sent me a COA on the CBD potency, but do NOT have FULL PANELS right now!!

I did not like how long it took the company to get back with me or the way they state their product is 100% pure, yet their testing shows less CBD contained than any other company I looked at thus far. They have NO testing on anything other than the cannabinoid potency. Overall, I would NOT use this company. They charge too much for the little amounts of watered down CBD it offers. Definitely Stay Away!

Do you know of a CBD product or Company that you want more information on? By sending that information to me, you will help me in the search for a REAL HIGH QUALITY product at a good price! Help me expose the frauds! Not all CBD is created equally! Contact me in comments or send me an email @ or message me on any of our Social Media Channels, preferably CANNAB.A.B.E.

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Unboxing My Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Here we go! For those of you who have been subscribing for a while, you will remember my blog posts on using essential oils and all my little concoction that I made. I was using VitaCost brand oils and they were not expensive at all. Especially with their BOGO sales all of the time! It takes me years to go through EOs, so I have quite a few I have been using for quite a while. Recently, when my EO itch started to creep up again, I decided to pull my sleeves up and really find out where I wanted to get my EOs from. My fellow skoolie friend, Kirsten, had mentioned her business with Young Living and I finally decided to try them out! Since I wanted the best deal for quality oils that were going to cost more $$ than my cheaper version, I went with the Premium Starter Kit for $160 which gives me the WholeSale prices and I become a Distributor! I am not big on selling the oils, as I am about using them. But since I just love using these things and crave more knowledge on it, I thought, why not finally try to make a side hustle with a great company and amazing oils.

Below is my video review of the unboxing of my premium kit! Check it out!

If you want to work with me and get your own starter kit, or just order oils from me, please click this link.

If you want to join this amazing new FACEBOOK group called Essential Oils Can CHANGE Your Life and learn some DIY ways to Detox your life, message me here, on facebook, IG, or email me at and let me know!