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Cura Cannabis Solutions-Select CBD

All information is up to date as of 03/30/2019 The Next company I am reviewing for my search in quality CBD is Cura Cannabis Solutions SOLD BY: Cura Wellness LLC: (530) 784-4442/PO BOX 14579, Portland OR 97239/ selectsupport@curacan.com/ https://selectcbd.com/ Cura Cannabis Solutions (is Cura…


HolyStone Drone footage of Chitty Bang

Here is another video I have posted on Youtube of Chitty Bang a month or so ago! Crab got a new drone from HolyStone and it is working really well! Check it out!! Amazon link for Drone

TinyHouse Skoolie Washer/Dryer Review:Costway

Here is a video of our newly aquired washing/drying machine for our tinyhouse skoolie!  FOund it on LETGO for $30 lightly used! The Costway washer spinner combo is small, lightweight (11 lbs), and really works well on our family of four’s dirty clothes. Rinse…

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