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10: School Bus Sticker Removal

Stage 10: Heat It, Scrape It, Sand It, Seal It This past week, besides finishing the floor prep, we also tackled some of the more tedious, but necessary tasks that we would eventually have to complete. Also, we have had some amazing weather the…


9: School Bus Rust Removal/ Prevention Part 3 of 3

Stage 9: Rust Prevention After the slaying of the Rust, we have to do our best to prevent it from happening again. The last step in the floor prep is painting the floor with Rustoleum. We figured the color did not really matter since…

Editing Our Life- Part 2: A Time to Learn & DO

What I did not realize during these crazy times of loss and growth, was that I was asking for the wrong things. I didn’t need to ask, “Why am I not happy?” I needed to ask myself, “What will make me happy?” I think…

Editing Our Life-Part 1: The Fire

Do you ever stop and think “I can’t wait to sell all of my crap for cash and move somewhere my family and I can live more simply and free,”? Not so many people do. The Idea of Living Simply is fascinating to me….

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