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Reasons Why Heavy Metals Don’t Belong in Cannabis- LEAD Cause & Effect

Reasons Why Heavy Metals Don’t Belong in Cannabis

The National Poison Hotline is 800-222-1222.

One of the reasons I started looking into what is in CBD tinctures and other cannabis products is because I had witnessed first hand a person who smoked a joint of marijuana flower produced by a large name company break out in hives, have shortness of breath, nausea right after inhaling. She had the symptoms of heavy metal and pesticide poisoning. The joint was tested and the results were off the charts. The levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and even the residual solvents used were extremely high. I have seen flower with black mold on it being sold in stores in recreational legal states. I have seen no testing for anything done in medical legal states. The Vape cartridges for cannabis had been tested high for heavy metals recently, and I believe California is now testing those for their state. It is amazing. So, here I am. Learning and sharing. And This is what I discovered why Heavy Metals are a no-no.

There are many Heavy Metals that are all around us in life. Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Iron, and others are all around us and when exposed in high levels can even make you sick. However, small amounts of certain metals, like Copper, Zinc, and Iron, are needed for normal body functions. There are Trace Elements of Heavy Metals in almost everything, but we can be more vigilant and aware of the amounts we allow on and in our bodies just by using trustworthy and open companies.

Heavy metal poisoning isn’t very common in the US and occurs when the body’s soft tissue absorbs too much of a particular metal. Heavy Metal Poisoning could happen if you use herbal medicines that have heavy metals in them, food pollution, air pollution, water pollution, eat fish caught with high levels of mercury, food containers with improper coating, breathe in old lead paint dust when you fix up your home, or work in a factory that uses heavy metals (Ratini, 2018).

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

“The Most common metals that the human body can absorb in toxic amounts are: mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic,” (Gotter, 2018). Some the listed general symptoms by the HealthLine article referenced below are;

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • weakness
  • chills
  • tingling in hands and feet, vomiting
  • more depending on the specific metal.

There are 2 Types of Heavy Metal Poisoning, Acute and Chronic, and then the other variable is the specific metal itself.

“Acute poisoning. This happens if you get a high dose at one time, like in a chemical accident in a factory or after a child swallows a toy made with lead,” (Ratini, 2018). If you have acute poisoning;

  • you will immediately feel bad
  • possibly become nauseous and vomit
  • go numb
  • feel confused
  • even pass out.

If a person were exposed to a low dose of heavy metal over a long period of time, that is called Chronic Poisoning and these symptoms creep up on people.

  • Fatigue
  • Achy joints and muscles
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

(Ratini, 2018).

Now that you have an idea about Heavy Metals in general, let’s get specific. Let’s talk about LEAD.

Allowable Amounts of LEAD Ingestion per FDA Standards

The Interim References Level (IRL) is a daily maximum intake for lead set by the FDA after they asses “whether the amount of lead in a food product is high enough to raise a person’s blood lead level to a point of concern,” (FDA, 2019). The established IRL of blood lead levels for children is 3 ug and 12.5 ug for adults. The level for adult child bearing women is very important, as well as infants’ exposure during nursing (FDA, 2019). The FDA conducts the Total Diet Study (TDS) several times a year and also test for pesticide residues, industrial and other toxic chemicals, and nutrient elements in food.

So, yes, the FDA knows there will be lead in things we consume. The most important thing though is knowing how much is too much to the point we start feeling bad and getting sick? Well how do you know if the products you use are not tested for it? More importantly, what about your health products you use? Are they tested? The FDA does surprise sampling of multiple types of products, but with all of these new CBD companies popping up, how can you be sure the item you have is up to par with the allowable amounts? Well you don’t if they do not test for it. It is very important that you do your research when purchasing CBD products. Make sure they have a heavy metals test.

Causes and Effects of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning may be caused by exposure, such as ingesting or chewing, but also via being in firing ranges, using kohl cosmetics, certain hair dyes, calcium products, and more. It was also the metal found most commonly in tinctures that were tested and some of those symptoms are subtle to extreme. They include:

  • loss of appetite
  • sleep problems
  • irritability
  • memory loss
  • constipation
  • aggressive behavior
  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • fatigue
  • loss of developmental skills in children

(Gotter, 2018).

According to the FDA’s February 2019 article, Lead can enter our food supply, because:

  • Lead in the soil can settle on or be absorbed by plants grown for fruits or vegetables or plants used as ingredients in food, including dietary supplements.
  • Once Lead is in or o plants, it CANNOT be removed by washing or other food processing steps.
  • If animals that we eat, eat plants or drink water with lead in it, that will then be passed to us.
  • Lead can also enter through manufacturing, like water used in food production could be contaminated because of lead pipes used to deliver the water.
  • Lead can pass or leach into food or drinks when food is prepared, served, or stored in pottery or other food contact surfaces containing lead.

Testing to Determine if You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning

A blood test is usually where most doctors will start if you have symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. But these tests are not in your routine full panel yearly. You would have to talk to your doctor about specifically testing for it if you are concerned. However, if your blood tests show low amounts, they may dive into more:

  • kidney/liver function tests
  • X-rays
  • electroardiagrams
  • fingernail, hair, urine analysis

(Gotter, 2018).Don’t try the at-home tests for this as there is no hard evidence that they work or to even tell you if you are sick or need treatment.


If it is determined that Heavy Metal Poisoning occurred, the doctor will usually prescribe medication (chelators) via pill or needle that will bind to the heavy metals and send them out of your body in the form of waste. Sometimes this type of therapy can be dangerous and is not successful with all heavy metals. They may prescribe that the person’s stomach be pumped.


I could list all of the heavy metals and symptoms and such here, but I only wanted to stick with the broad spectrum of them and Lead, since that one turns up more often in the tests I have seen. Like the beginning of the article stated, there are Heavy Metals in everything and there are ways to be more vigilant and aware of the Cannabis/Hemp/CBD products that we use, as well as requesting that Lab Report from the companies. If they are an open, honest, and trustworthy company, they will happily share their results from Heavy Metal, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Microbials, and Cannabinoid Potency. If they do not offer that testing I would not give that company my money. Make sure you know what is in your products, and follow us for more related articles and company’s lab reports for their products that I research!

Do you know of a CBD product or Company that you want more information on? By sending that information to me, you will help me in the search for a REAL HIGH QUALITY product at a good price! Help me expose the frauds! Not all CBD is created equally! Contact me in comments or send me an email @ or message me on any of our Social Media Channels, preferably CANNAB.A.B.E.

Disclaimer: Neither the Author or anyone within our business is a medical doctor. Anything we say is based on our own knowledge through personal research and contacting the respective company/lab. We only want to give up to date and relevant information based on what we discover. Any company can contact us at to provide more up to date information or to discuss the information on this site.


FDA. 19 February 2019. “Lead in Food, Foodwares, and Dietary SUpplements”. FDA Monitoring and Testing of Lead in Food, Including Dietary Supplements and Foodwares.

Gotter, Anna & Murrell, Daniel, M.D. 13 December 2018. “HealthLine”. Heavy Metal Poisoning.  

Ratini, Malinda DO, MS. 09 January 2018. “WebMD Medical Reference”. What is Heavy Metal Poisoning.

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CANNABA RX- Medella Sciences


First Company Exposed! As of 04/25/2019 This information is up to date.


Medella Science- No Phone/ 6930 Signat Dr. Houston, TX 77041 –

Cliffprice & Company- (800) 560-4438

Perry Pharmacy–

CLAIMED Product contents: Full Spectrum CBD TIncture 100% THC FREE

Cost: $80

Lab Tested:

Pro Verde Labs- 420 Fortune Blvd, Milford, PA 01751

Maine Lab- 220 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103/ Phone- (617) 221-3356

Christopher Hudalla | Ph.D., Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Dorian A. Des Lauriers | Founder, CEO


Certificate of Analysis Sent is for Medella Sciences for their Concentrates/Extracts- ISOLATE, not their tincture I requested, and States:

CBD 3.53 wt% h/ 33.41 mg/ml

CBG .05 wt%/ .43 mg/mlC

No other Cannabinoids listed. Does not state how the CBD is extracted.

On April 25th, I received these updated Lab Results from the Company. Scroll Down for the email and explanation of my rank for them.

In this new  test, notice the extra cannabinoid found. That is important in full spectrum oils.

Heavy metals, Microbials, Pathogenic Bacterial Contaminants, and Mycotoxin results all PASS. Some thing to keep in mind is there are trace elements in everything. Just because it says Not Detected (ND) does not mean completely absent. It means what was found is at such low results they don’t have to add it because it is below the specific ppm stated.

The Volatile Organic Compound Test was a PASS and were Not Detected. You can see under LIMIT, that is the parts per million USP recommended limits of Massachusettes Dept of Public Health, Butane and Propane is based on Colorado limits, (see the # 2 at bottom of lab above).

No Pesticide Testing Conducted yet due to the lab’s equipment being down, per representative in emails below.

Click Here for the 5 Star Ranking Structure Description

My Notes:

My original notes:

*Contacted Cliffprice & Company and woman stated she did not know what a Certificate Of Analysis was and said they do NOT test ANY of their products.

*Email reply from a person from Medella Science, and they also CCed a person at Perry Pharmacy in the email: Sent me a COA on the CBD potency, but do NOT have FULL PANELS right now!!


Notice the multiple threats below and need to tell me how incredible their sales are, when all I wanted back in March was a COA and full panel lab results:

Next, she admitted she sent me lab results with the wrong product that was being tested…which is why in my original rating I gave them a rating for the Isolate and the Tincture. It stated Isolate, yet had more than just CBD cannabinoids in there. But then tells me I need to educate myself on COA’s. I am not a doctor or a medical professional, HOWEVER, because of my post, they fixed it. Sounds like Whatever I am doing is working and these companies are starting to be accountable for what they tell and give customers.

They do have a proprietary method to remove THC. That’s cool.

Where she states that they will have pesticide testing, just not yet.


**Update 4/25/19**

This company sent me their full panel labs and an unprofessional email with threats and intimidation through out. WOW! They admitted to sending a lab report that had isolate stated instead of Full spectrum, hence my original rating with cbd isolate and full spectrum. It said one thing, but the results shows multiple cannnabinoids and not just CBD. SO they contacted the lab and had it updated and send me full panels, minus pesticide testing. Below are my new notes:

I originally posted that they claimed to be 100% pure, I did correct that because I did not find it recently when looking at the site.

I originally gave them a 2 star rating because of their lack of testing on the pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and residual solvents. They have since gotten testing done on all but pesticides due to lab equipment at 3rd party lab not working (per the email). I have updated their rank on the tests they provided me with.HOWEVER, after the threats, intimidation, and unprofessionalism the new calculated 3 star was dropped to 2 stars. I clearly state below my posts that I am not a doctor and the opinions are my own. And that ANY company can reach out with updated info and I would update it accordingly. This is not meant to attack anyone, it is simply to hold companies accountable.

However, the way the person wrote their email was extremely offensive and I honestly don’t feel comfortable making an order or working with them because of how they handled this interaction. You can tell the email was completely emotional. It started hard core threats and went on a tangent and eventually talked herself back down to end the email with “we kindly ask..” LOL

Thanks to Toni’s threatening email, I took her advice and “educated myself more” and found out through some digging that she is a #Pharmacy Director in Kansas at Queens Price Chopper (a chain of 4) and sells the CBD products in her pharmacy, and I FOUND SHE IS AN OWNER AND FOUNDER OF MEDELLA SCIENCES! It finally makes sense as to why the email was so nasty! Her daughter- in-law actually commented on my CANNAB.A.BE Post about this and said I was wrong about Toni. SO it caused me to do more research. That is when I found out about her son also being a part owner and that is hwere one of the emails came from, yet Toni’s name and title was signed. This got really weird yall.

I will be contacting the National Association Board of Pharmacy #NAPB in Missouri and in Kansas (she holds licenses in both states, I have both license numbers) about her threatening behavior towards potential customers. Also, I will be contacting the parent company, Queen Morris Ventures LLC that owns My Price Chopper because she is the Director for #6 & #7. I would have left this alone, but I feel she was using her RPh as an intimidation factor as she did not use it in the first email she sent.

Also, if she is a trained pharmacist, how did it take “uneducated me” to have them be proactive and contact the lab to correct the tests? I don’t have my RPh, yet even I saw the result for isolates had full spectrum properties. They are acting like labs are exclusive information…Don’t let these big companies control the CBD market with their high prices and ridiculous tactics.

Toni also educated me about the potency of CBD and isolates, etc. as if I had not looked at dozens of other company’s labs and didn’t know that there could be higher amounts of potency…or that I was basing my review on the labs she originally gave me that were listed as being for an isolate. Of course I will say 33.3 mg/g is low for an isolate! I can’t help the information was part garbage. Put crap in, Get Crap out. And I WILL NOT INTIMIDATED YALL!

The product’s proof is definitely getting better and shows low levels and passing levels of the outside and naturally occuring contaminants, has a nice array of terpenes, a few cannabinoids (I have see full spectrum oils with more cannabinoids than 2 or 3 from other companies), and a great lab testing their products. I look forward to receiving their pesticide results and adding it to the rank!

Make your own decision, as always, about any company I post….but as for me, I am staying away still. There are too many companies that have a much better bedside manner. Again, because of Toni’s email, I dug deeper and found that this company has an interesting business model. They have a ton of pharmacies that sell their products, and that is the only way to get it! VIA Pharmacy. You can buy CBD from companies all over the US and get it sent to your house! Those same companies have and previously had all of the full panel labs, at a lot cheaper, and more cannabinoids.

I totally appreciate Toni calling me out, it really made me get off of my ass and go into more depths about what this company, business model, and the people representing them are really all about. The Cannabis Culture and Community is not about this nasty attitude at ALL!!


So, the harassment continued….And Three theories!

Interesting turn of events happened Friday night. A woman made a post to inform me that the information, signed by Toni Shields RPh btw, is inaccurate and again insults my “educating.” So I set off to educate myself a little more on exactly what I’m missing. Before we go any further I have to thank the woman for contacting and insulting what we do here at Canna B.A.B.E. Without you coming here to harass us, we would have never made the one big connection we were looking for; WHO OWNS THIS COMPANY? Thank you, Priya Aggarwal Shields.

I quickly discover she is married to a Tyson Shields, that rings a bell, where have I seen that? Ah, I remember now…. That is the name attached to the email address that sent the harassing/threating, “or else ultimatums” email; Who owns the company? Does not come up on their company’s website, it is on a Seventh Scout and Box Site. Baam! Wouldn’t you know it, Toni Shields and Tyson Shields are two of the owners. At this time, I remember they are a Texas entity incorporated as an LLC (limited liability company). Being a Texan and Entrepreneur in Texas I go to the Secretary of State website. I quickly learn that Tyson Shields is the Registered Agent.

***Quick Registered Agent education for you future or current entrepreneurs- If you form an entity in any state or country, make sure your registered agent is a person you trust; it could be yourself. A registered agent is a person who receives service of process on your entities behalf. This person is who gets served on your entities behalf. Think Seth Rogan on Pineapple Express, lol. If your agent is not reliable and fails to inform you, your business can be subject to a court judgment without you having a chance to defend yourself. Many law firms offer this service for cheap, I’ve seen many around $125 a year. Again, you can be your own.***

Now, we know both Shields are owners of the business. This can explain the unprofessional emotionally charged email that led to an impromptu class on CBD that had nothing to do with what my rating was on. Next Q: So, is this familia? A quick search of the Tshields email address led to a twitter account verifying this email was in fact Tyson Shields email address. Facebook then told us of their relationship with a post you can see in the provided pics. This is a part familia owned business. I love seeing family owned business btw, it’s smart tax planning. This can help during tax season! It can spread wealth to your posterity or older generations while lowering your individual tax bracket, even if your child is young. Especially, in flow through entities such as LLC’s or S-Corps. Little FF (fun fact) for you.

Here’s where it gets interesting: If is Tyson Shields email address, we came up with three theories:

Theory #1

Tyson Shields sent us that email and signed it as his mother because she is a licensed (RPh) pharmacist by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Rut row, is Tyson using his mothers license to legitimatize himself to threaten patients/customers who were looking for high quality CBD? Remember, the email Toni Shields RPh originally communicated to me from was BCC’d in the email from Tyson’s email address.

Theory #2

Did Toni use her sons email address because the threatening email wouldn’t be associated with its business email address originally used?

Theory #3

They could have been hacked….


Either way, this is the last time Canna Babe will waste its valuable resources and research capabilities on this circus. This got unprofessional, quickly. We have licensed pharmacists sending threatening emails, family collusion, and a wife and daughter in law contacting us. Lol. CRAZY!!

I really hope their family increases their emotional intelligence and professionalism. If anyone wants to contact us, do so with respect. Do not send us emotionally charged emails with threatening or “or else ultimatums”. You get what you give to us. We love conversing and are happy to work with and collaborate with anyone in this industry.

They broke a 2500 hundred year old Sun Tzu Art of War rule: “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong, when you are weak.” Anyone coming out so hot and heavy is clearly weak.

Well ladies and gents, if you are still reading we would like to thank you for your time and know we are here for you. Know your rights (Anti-SLAPP), thanks Rick Perry! And thank you again to the Combat Veterans that make up the Canna B.A.B.E. team!

We don’t want to give them any more free publicity here, so we marked out their other information as seen below. This is what we found in our research to help us understand why we were threatened and what is going on.

Do you know of a CBD product or Company that you want more information on? By sending that information to me, you will help me in the search for a REAL HIGH QUALITY product at a good price! Help me expose the frauds! Not all CBD is created equally! Contact me in comments or send me an email @ or message me on any of our Social Media Channels, preferably CANNAB.A.B.E.

Disclaimer: Neither the Author or anyone within our business is a medical doctor. Anything we say is based on our own knowledge through personal research and contacting the respective company/lab. We only want to give up to date and relevant information based on what we discover. Any company can contact us at to provide more up to date information or to discuss the information on this site.