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DIY Long Term Food Storage Using Food Grade Buckets, Mylar Bags, & Oxygen Absorbers

I have been needing to put my bags of rice, beans, flour, sugar, and other grains into my buckets for a while now. I would say about 2 months….SHAME! SO…what is Long Term Food Storage (LTFS) and why do I believe my family and I… Continue Reading “DIY Long Term Food Storage Using Food Grade Buckets, Mylar Bags, & Oxygen Absorbers”

New Years Chicks Update- 8 Weeks

Our babies are growing growing growing! They are now on chicken feed for adults, pellets and cracked corn (dumor brand). Finally started walking outside after leaving their coop door open for a week! I am hoping in four more weeks we will be able… Continue Reading “New Years Chicks Update- 8 Weeks”

DIY Emergency Fire Starters

Make your own fire starters with 3 basic household items! I have been doing this for a couple of years off and on. Mostly b/c I forget to save stuff! But this is so easy and you can keep in your laundry room to… Continue Reading “DIY Emergency Fire Starters”

Chick Drama

Homesteading leads to sometimes funny predicaments. This chick became stuck in its feed bowl and we had to help it out 🙂 Must have gotten a little too hungry! No worries, we saved the day!

The Aquaponics System

What is Aquaponics, you ask? According to the book we followed, which was very informative, called Aquaponic Gardnening by Sylvia Bernstein, “Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a constructed, recirculating ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to… Continue Reading “The Aquaponics System”

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