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Ep #11: Secrets on New Businesses to Make Money While Traveling, How to Negotiate, Give Aways, and How we Deal with Crazy Companies

Check out this newest episode where we talk about our New Businesses and plans to make money while traveling, how we negotiated with international manufacturers, the give aways we will be hosting four our customers, and we explain what happened when we were confronted by a crazy company!

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About the Episode:

00:52 What the Fuck Have We Been Up To?

3:40   DTS[ Defense Tactical Solutions Business

4:10   Wooby Robes Business

10:30  A Tip on Talking to Chinese Manufacturers

13:30  “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Vaughn- How We Used It

16:30   American Made Products?

19:25  Webflow Discussion

22:00  DTS- Give Aways & Company Breakdown

28:00  Helping People…It is ALL we want to do

29:00  CannaB.A.B.E. CBD and What’s Up With That and Who I am Recommending

34:30  Crazy Companies Threatening Us

44:40  Opportunities & Businesses

49:30  Making Money the next 3 weeks to fund out businesses

54:40  We Can Sell and Fix Shit At Least

57:10  -If You Want to be on Our Podcast…LET US KNOW!

59:00  Getting the Kids Involved in the Family Business

1:04:15- School Shootings

1:07:30 Veteran Killed in Police Custody

1:09:40  We Don’t Want to Peddle Shit We Won’t Use

1:18:00  Get Paid for Your Time

1:23:00  Yes we are LEGIT!


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SPRING FLING GIVEAWAY! All Natural Soy Candles!

SPRING FLING GIVEAWAY! All Natural Soy Candles!

Check out my soy candle/melt business’ facebook page! We are doing a giveaway of a free 8 oz candle once we reach 250 likes! Here is what the post says:

Spring is here and Escapes Candles is hosting its first free giveaway. Escapes Candles will be sending a free 8 oz candle to the winner of our “Spring Fling Giveaway.”


To win contestants must ‘like and share’ the Escapes Candles Facebook page. People who already like the Escapes Candles Facebook page only have to share our page on their homepage . Whoever likes and shares the Escape Candles Facebook page will enter into the drawing for a free 8 oz candle. After the Escapes Candles Facebook page receives 250 likes we will randomly select a winner from the people who liked and shared our Facebook page. The winner will choose the scent of their choice out of the Spring/Summer scents. We will contact you and get your shipping info and ship your candle to you.