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Goofing Off @ the Pumpkin Patch

Soooooo….this is what I do when I am bored LOL. I come up with life hacks in my south Louisiana/Mississippi accent. Rolling Pumpkin?? No problem! LOL ENJOY! Our first 3 workamping videos on the Pumpkin Patch This Year! The Final 3 Videos We are… Continue Reading “Goofing Off @ the Pumpkin Patch”

Practical Jokes Videos

Check out our youtube channel for all of our videos that we have posted on the blog, plus extras! Below are some of the practical jokes we have played on each other in the past…Including a Scavenger Hunt I had Crab go on when… Continue Reading “Practical Jokes Videos”

Funny Fam Moments- Screams of Fun:)

Just wanted to share a quick video of Crab and the girls playing The Evil Within video game. It is just hilarious to me b/c of how loud Dad screamed compared to the 9 and 6 year old. LOL!

Chick Drama

Homesteading leads to sometimes funny predicaments. This chick became stuck in its feed bowl and we had to help it out 🙂 Must have gotten a little too hungry! No worries, we saved the day!

Turkey Whisperer

Here is a video from our YouTube Channel of Ryon gobbling with the turkys! Too Funny!

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