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Bus Conversion/ RV Renovation Rear Deck Progress 2 of 3

Next step is complete! We got the 16 gauge hot rolled steel mounted with 5/8″ long x 3/16″diameter rivets on all 4 sides. Next we have to Grind, degrease, and paint!
Now that we enclosed Chitty Bang, she is still secured while on the road. When The deck is up and locked, someone has to make a lot of noise to lower the 300lb deck and then break into the bus on the rear. It is an awesome space to store stuff and enjoy the views, but it’s also a safety feature!

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Skoolie Build Rear Deck Renovation 1 of 3

Here is a quick video on how the rear end is coming along. We used a piece of sheet metal and some angle iron and flat bar that we had from the tool box removal. So it is pieced together a bit! We welded what we could on the ground and the. Bolted and riveted other parts on the actual bus. We did not want to hurt any electronics or solar equipment, so just wanted to be safe and bolted. More updates to come! Once it’s all sanded and painted it will look decent lolā¤