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Our First Turkey Egg!

We found our first turkey egg the same day we completed the turkey tractor! Great Timing! Now I can find all of our turkey eggs! Who knows, they may have been laying a while, I just have not found them yet! lol! This one…


Chick Hatching

Here is a quick video of some chicks that already hatched, and one on its way! I helped him a little because my humidity dropped really low. It should at 65% after Day 18 so the chicks can make it out safe and sound….

Incubating Chicken Eggs: A Nitty Gritty 21-Day Encounter

We have recently decided to begin the sustainable chicken life cycle here at Crab’s Juice N’ Stuff’s homestead. We have grown baby chicks into full grown chickens, added a rooster (Roo) to the family, and decided to use an incubator for a fool-proof experience….

First Time Basics: Bringing Chicks Home

Since becoming a “chicken lover”, I never thought I would find so much joy in watching chickens grow from the baby chicks we purchased from the local farm store to egg laying, pest eating, friendly chickens. We have had a lot of trial and…

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