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Chick Update- Wk 7

Here is a chick progress update! The end of January Chicks are growing up well! I had ot move them to my other coop since the shared one was getting a little cramped. The plan is to make a small chicken tractor for the chicks to go into after they leave the brooder box (3-4 wks) and one for the 8 wk mark. This way we can keep the rotation going and still have outside/contained/protection for our biddies!

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New Years Chicks Update- 8 Weeks

Our babies are growing growing growing! They are now on chicken feed for adults, pellets and cracked corn (dumor brand). Finally started walking outside after leaving their coop door open for a week! I am hoping in four more weeks we will be able to start processing them! They have eaten one and a half 50 pound bags of chick crumble so far..about $15…we want to keep feed costs down, so the sooner they start eating scraps the better! I will try to give them some juice pulp to add vitamins to their diet as well. They just were not digging the tortillas I threw out to them!

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New Years Chicks Update- 4 Weeks

After our 2nd batch hatched at the end of this month, we had to make room in the brooder house for them. Which meant moving out the older chicks to the bigger coop outside. I hung two heat lamps, one red and one white bulb,, added a big waterer, a big feeder, and lots of hay! It has gotten to 27 degrees and they are doing just fine! One of my doors warped so my chicks could fall out the back if they aren’t careful so I just did a quick rig to keep that from happening. At least until we build a newer coop. I have two coops like this and a shed in the middle we used to keep our rabbits in, that is now the cool spot where the chickens like to sleep at night. So our next project is making it chicken friendly:) Once spring comes of course!

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Chick Drama

Homesteading leads to sometimes funny predicaments. This chick became stuck in its feed bowl and we had to help it out 🙂 Must have gotten a little too hungry! No worries, we saved the day!

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Hatch in Progress:)

Here is a quick video of the first hatch of 2014! Notice the humidity and temperature very low. Should be 65% humidity at this stage, and between 99.5-102 temperature. During this hatch, I opened the lid too many times to help chicks, clean the egg shells out, and to add water for the humidity. See my previous Chick hatching post for more details on how to prevent these two vital readings from dropping so low!