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Ep #14: Combat Veteran Chat with Andrew Saldana- PTSD, the Hard Stories, Living in Today’s Society, and Knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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This episode we chat with Crab’s Army Buddy, Andrew Saldana. They talk serious talk about PTSD, what it is like, which parts of combat effected them the most, accepting that they have PTSD, learning to navigate their lives with it, relationships effected, and helping others who need it.

This was an amazing conversation and for anyone who suffers from PTSD from any situation, know you can reach out to people who understand right here! Please do! Or if you don’t have it and are a family member of someone who does, maybe this will help explain it better. We are here to help how we can.

Reach out to Drew with a Subject: I Need Help or something like that to catch his eye.

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1:00- How Crab and Drew Met and MOUNT Training Style (Sgt. Clarke)

4:20 -Crab Getting Drew In Trouble

6:20- PTSD, “I don’t have that! It’s just the Nature of the Beast!”

8:00- Primal Instincts, 0-100 MPH Switch

10:10- “In War, You’re Dead Already”

11:45 -172nd Left Seat Right Seat Rides- Ry story

16:20- “Good Fucking Luck”- When you leave the military it’s like a bad break up

17:35- Drew’s Combat Experience #1 in a Nut Shell

21:00- Street Sweepers Pace Counting  for the Enemy

22:30- Drew’s 2nd Deployment- The Really Tough One – In Memory of Captain Doug DiCenzo

24:45- Crappy DIY Armor in the beginning of the war- Spc. Thomas Wilson

26:00 Survivor’s Guilt and Hard Stories

30:40- Sophisticated Ambush- Drew’s Story

32:30- “I could Not Even Imagine a Zombie Apocalypse”- Mo

34:00- Drew Ambush Story contd.

36:40- Stories that Stick- Crab’s Stories that Contribute to his PTSD

44:10- Seeing Your Friends Hurt Fucks with Your Head

46:10-  Crab Gets Smacked by SSG Kitts

48:20- Always on Your Mind

49:12- Leaving the Army and Partying, “I’m fine, I don’t have PTSD”- Gut Check

51:10- Survivor’s Guilt contd. How Do I Live My Life Now?

54:00 The Mask You Wear for Society & Feeling Isolated


58:55- When It’s Time to Care for Yourself- Crab’s Story

1:01:00- When Mo Learned About PTSD- Spouses Are NOT Prepared

1:02:40- Crab’s Therapist Experiences

1:11:00- Burning Actual Shit

1:13:00- Sensitivity Training for 172nd– Crab’s Story

1:16:30- Purpose, Direction, and Motivation

1:17:20- Everyone Loves a Soldier Until They Come Home

1:18:20- Marijuana Girl Scout Cookies, Harlem Shakes, & Top Ramen/Chili Cravings

1:19:50- Hardest Thing to Deal With, “Realizing I Actually Needed Help”- Drew’s Side


1:24:40- Sons of the Flag Organization-

1:26:00- Communicating with Your Spouse

1:28:00- Shout Out to the Spouses Who Marry Soldiers After their Military Deployments/Career- Nino Gray

1:30:30- Kudos to Anne, Drew’s Wife- Fighting for Your Marriage When Getting Pushed Away

1:32:30- Not Having Training or Tools When You Come Back from Combat

1:34:00 Hyper-Vigilance

1:40:00 “No One is More Professional Than I”

1:43:00- Knock the Edge Off

1:45:00- Good Days and Bad Days

1:50:00- Drew’s Advice to Someone Who Realizes they Have PTSD or Thinks They May Have It.

1:52:00- Shitty PTSD STIGMA

1:53:50 – PTSD Never Goes Away, You Have to Work With It- Emotional Intelligence

2:03:00 -People in Society Compartmentalize Emotions, PTSD is RAW Emotion

2:08:00- You Don’t Have to Change Who You Are

2:11:00- PTSD and Situations with Law Enforcement

 2:14:00- Combat Vets Command and Control/ End The Chaos

2:15:10- Fighting for your Rights- Survival

2:17:45- Ego is the Enemy

2:19:50 – If you are struggling EMAIL Drew: Subject: I Need Help

2:21:00- Spouses are Overlooked

2:22:00- Some people are not ready

2:24:30- 22 a Day, PTSD Stigma Contd

2:26:00- If You know someone with PTSD……………(ADVICE FROM COMBAT VETS)

2:29:00- Sweet Heart Felt Story from Crab

In Memoriam:

Doug DiCenzo US ARMY

Robert Blair US ARY

Kevin Whitte US ARMY

Dan Amaya USMC

Kurt Frosheiser US ARMY

Kirk Waymire US ARMY

Chris Swanson US ARMY

Kraig Foyteck US ARMY

Jeremy Loveless US ARMY

James Douglas Bridges US ARMY

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Ep. #13: Drunk Talk with Combat Vets- Featuring Nicholas Erickson

Watch/Listen Below!

This week we sat down with Crab’s Combat Buddy Nicholas Erickson and they share drunk stores from the glory party days, crazy army stories, Gun stories, Snipers, PTSD, and what living in an RV with his family is like!


This was a really fun time with lots of laughs. We had some drinks and had a good time talking with this blast from the past! Hope yall enjoy!

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5:00 Why Move into an RV?

17:45 Alaskan Stories

21:30 Drunk Stories

32:15 Men’s Hair Removal

38:30 Dick Pics and Facebook’s Sexism

41:00 Dick pic story looped back

43:00 Morgan Just wants to see Weiners

43:45 Ryon’s Get Naked Story

52:15 Drink Pickle Juice for HangOvers

54:10 Saving Money Living Tiny

58:00 George Strait, Clint Black, & Pam Tillis

1:00:00 Jimmy and the Johnsons Band Story

1:07:00 Ryon was NOT a Runner in the Army

1:13:00 Reasons for joining the Army

1:26: 55 1% of the WORLD

1:32:25  Alaskan Land Navigation

1:36:13 Buying our first HandGun

1:38:40 Carrying Guns Stories

1:42:30  Air Force Vet Harassed by HOA security for Jogging in her own Neighborhood

1:45:40 Combat Veterans and PTSD

1:50:00 Mo Gets Carded for Carrying a Gun and Discrimination

1:55:00 Engin-Nerds Friends

1:55:40- Short Term Memory Loss and Explosive Combat Stories

2:01:52 – Morgan’s Flashing A Cop Story

2:05:00- PTSD and the VA

2:07:00- Shooting Guns and Shit

2:08:00 Hearing Loss and Other Stories

2:12:17 -Crazy Stories of Joe Wanting out of the Army

2:17:20 – Advice for people who want to RV

2:24:40- Our Sun Sail Project

2:28:00- Welding

2:37:00- Wine Tasting Story

2:41:45- Ryon’s MicroBrewery Tasting Experience- Old BandAids

2:44:00- How to taste Wine and Fix Shitty Wine