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21 Part 4: School Bus Storage Boxes- Finish Work

Now came the time to cover the sides. Chittybang actually sat with her “skirt off” for a month or so I think before we got around to doing the hinges, but it got done! We ordered these piano hinges off of amazon here, made…


21, Part 3: School Bus Storage Boxes & Solar Battery Box

The other side of the bus was going to be a little different. Not only did we have two storage boxes to hang, but we also needed something sturdy enough for the Battery Box, which also holds 4 (made for up to 6) Deep…

Stage 21 Part 2: Installing External Storage Boxes

Yes, the long awaited part 2 as to how in the heck we installed the storage boxes under the bus. Thanks to a good friend’s knowledge (Logan, thanks man!), he allowed us to pick his brain and helped us develop some good braces to…

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