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Blossom Cup Review: No More Tampons/Pads Again!


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Non-skoolie related sorta. My #honest #review of the #BlossomCup 🌹 from Amazon. I am talking all about #periods people. WARNING: I TALK GRAPHIC! NO longer will I be a wearer of a pee soaked string or bloody diaper once a month! This silicone cup will now save me money, waste in trash, and save my #vagina and body from chemicals and #toxicshocksyndrome See what I have to say, 7 minutes long.

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TinyHouse Skoolie Washer/Dryer Review:Costway

Here is a video of our newly aquired washing/drying machine for our tinyhouse skoolie!  FOund it on LETGO for $30 lightly used! The Costway washer spinner combo is small, lightweight (11 lbs), and really works well on our family of four’s dirty clothes. Rinse as many times as you need. The spinner also gets clothes incredibly close to dry. Great for anyone traveling and not wanting to go in a laundromat as often!

Costway Washer/Spinner Combo on Amazon