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Blossom Cup Review: No More Tampons/Pads Again!

BLOSSOM CUP REVIEW VIDEO Buy the Blossom Cup Non-skoolie related sorta. My #honest #review of the #BlossomCup 🌹 from Amazon. I am talking all about #periods people. WARNING: I TALK GRAPHIC! NO longer will I be a wearer of a pee soaked string or… Continue Reading “Blossom Cup Review: No More Tampons/Pads Again!”

TinyHouse Skoolie Washer/Dryer Review:Costway

Here is a video of our newly aquired washing/drying machine for our tinyhouse skoolie!  FOund it on LETGO for $30 lightly used! The Costway washer spinner combo is small, lightweight (11 lbs), and really works well on our family of four’s dirty clothes. Rinse… Continue Reading “TinyHouse Skoolie Washer/Dryer Review:Costway”

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