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Online Store NOW OPEN!

We finally have a store on our website! We are selling stickers and apparel fit for bus dwellers (adult and child), B.A.B.E.s, problem solvers, partiers, and general bad asses that want to help support our website and equipment we use to spread all of our tips and stories of homesteading, building, and living in a tiny house. The store will have items with our TheCrabsHomestead brands, ChittyBang Skoolie, and our Talking Chitty Podcast name and sayings on them. Go ahead, grab some merchandise! You know you want to!
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Come Shop With Us!

Well, I finally did it! I finally found a company to help me take our TheCrabsHomestead and ChittyBangSkoolie brands to the next level! I am designing shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, towels, iPhone cases, throw pillows, tanks, and more for fellow #buslife lovers as well as those who have been following our chittybangskoolie journey!

Come check it out and keep your eyes open for new designs!

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Social Media-We are Going Viral!

In the true spirit of using social networking to attract followers, Twitterers, Youtubers, Googlers, Facebookers, Instagrammers, Pinners, etc. The Crabs Homestead is going viral. I mean, we are going balls to the wall viral! Spread the word and help us gain support by just “Liking” or “Following” any/all of our social networking pages so you don’t miss a thing going on here at the Homestead!!


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